Very excited, but very busy. I think I will make my self-imposed deadline, and seeing the book taking form is very exciting.
   For those who have written e-mails to me asking for details on upcoming trips, etc. Book or e-mails. Book wins. Hopefully by the end of the week.
   Here’s enough evidence, for anyone who still cares, of why the folks at the oxymoronic website should be dismissed as ever having anything worthwhile to say to anyone who takes the Bible seriously and loves the faith.
   Finally, one more example of why I really need to get this book done by Wednesday evening:

Dear Sirs, as a Jew in Israel, I really don’t understand why this movie is an “attack on the Christian” faith. Instead of investigating all available sources, the author prefers to attack the film makers as money greedies. when he attacks them for not being “scientific” enough, he is falling just in the same trap he is digging: when one reads all available sources, the tomb the movie dealt with is at least possiblly what they said it is. I don’t know how much Discovery paid them, but I couldn’t care less. money is not the question. but attacking them is just the opposite of what Jesus said. whether they are right or wrong. the question is: can one dismiss the movie concept alltogether?

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