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Rich Pierce


Alpha and Omega Ministries has always maintained a strong & reliable dependence on computer technology that allows us to literally serve a world-wide audience. For the past several years we have operated with what’s known as “single leased server” computer based system. The datacenter where our server is housed and or hosted, no longer offers this single leasing option. Unfortunately, this has left us unable to upgrade the server as needed, make adjustments to improve performance and ultimately cost the ministry more money. Therefore, we are in need of purchasing a new server.

Our stewardship committee has put together the specifications for the costs & what we will need to ensure the continued high level & availability you have come to expect from aomin.org. The amount needed will cover a one-time purchase for the server hardware. That hardware, along with the programming to configure it will be $3300. We have already been blessed with a gift of $1000 leaving our goal at $2300.

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In His service,

Richard Pierce
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