Two months ago I posted the following video in which I ask Dr. Geisler to answer three questions. Two months have passed, and Dr. Geisler has remained silent. The game plan of those involved in the cover-up of the Ergun Caner Scandal is now clear. Taking a page directly from the political play book (that seems to be the new ultimate authority for many in leadership at Liberty Seminary, note the Beck controversy), Geisler and the others who have purposefully sought to provide Ergun Caner a means of avoiding public confession and repentance regarding his false public pronouncements and claims are banking on evangelicals in general to partake of the same kind of mindset one American political party is hoping will work between now and November, or at least now and November of 2012: a short memory. Westerners are easily distracted, with an attention span just a bit longer than a shoelace. We tire easily, get “bored,” need something “new” to rev us up. Knowing this propensity, the perpetrators of the Cover Up know that eventually, over time, people lose their focus upon such topics as “integrity in the pulpit,” “discernment in ministry,” “honesty in proclamation,” “consistency in apologetics,” and the like. “Yeah, he shouldn’t have lied like that, but hey, he’s a nice guy, so let’s just move on.” No confession, no repentance, no restoration, just another black eye to the Christian ministry, the integrity of Christian apologetics, and the sanctity of the pulpit.

So I wish to remind folks, especially folks who might be attending “discernment” or “apologetics” seminars featuring the primary architects of the Cover Up, of the questions they might want to ask Norman Geisler, Ergun Caner, and others. Personally, I am still waiting for Dr. Geisler’s insightful identification of, and discussion of, Hadith 2425. I think he should look for it right next to Bible 916.

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