I fine-tuned my Google Blog Search gadget and got rid of all the references to basketball and politics. As a result, I found this article by “iggy” from Billings, Montana. Thankfully, iggy later admitted his error, and recognized that there might just be more than one person on the Internet with the initials JW, or “Jim W.,” etc.
   If I’m going to comment on a blog somewhere, I will almost always identify myself with the signature (developed back in the 1980s for use on our BBS) of “James>>>” along with our website, www.aomin.org. If the comment system uses nicks instead of names, you will often see DrOakley or a variant thereof (my nick in our chat channel). For someone who makes himself so easily available, I have no reason to hide when commenting out there in the blogosphere, as rarely as I do that.
   You will note that we also changed the blog format so that the author identification tag is right under the title of the blog article now. For some reason folks just don’t see the “by” line at the bottom of the blog articles, so I am always being asked to comment on materials I did not write. So, from now on, you will see the actual author of the blog article appearing right beneath the title. So please, stop asking me questions about Harry Potter! 🙂
   Finally, don’t forget that we have open phones tomorrow evening on the Dividing Line as we finish up our Radio Free Geneva series on Romans 9 and Steve Gregg. I dare say that the majority of post-evangelicals do not believe that I am correct in my exegesis of Romans 9, so I would think there would be great interest in calling in to voice that disagreement! We all know Pierre, our LDS caller, will disagree, but I wonder if all the Arminians/anti-Lordship advocates/Dave Hunt fans/etc. will wish to step up to the plate and make their case? We will see.

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