Wow, what a week. I spoke 14 times over eight days, finishing up with a long period of teaching with Sam Shamoun on Islam at the First Arabic Baptist Church here in Phoenix today. A very enjoyable time!
Next Tuesday on the DL I want to comment on last week’s debates. Michael Brown did a program on Calvinism the next day, and I may respond to some specific statements regarding such passages as Genesis 50 and Philippians 1:29. Then I will respond to some of the comments that have been made regarding the Tim Staples debate. I will also look at the claims being made on the CA forums, including the confusion of one “Marco Polo,” a Catholic who has attempted to interact with my statements (I would encourage “Marco Polo” to call in, but then again, we’ve seen over the years what happens when CA forum users call the DL).
We won’t have a Thursday DL as I will be flying to Georgia that day.

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