Our chat channel, #prosapologian, is the busiest channel in the Starlink-IRC network. You’ve heard a lot about it on The Dividing Line. I thought I’d share some comments that go scrolling by the screen with those of you who are not channel rats. This morning, for example…

    [08:07] [DrOakley] I think as postmodernism and its gaggle of children spread ever farther across the evangelical landscape we will often have to ask ourselves, “What would these folks think of Paul or John?” And if they think the same of us, then we are doing OK. 🙂

We had been discussing some comments made by Tony Campolo regarding the Emergent Church movement. But, we had also been discussing the cruise, getting a date for the Fluffy One, and that outrageously hilarious European commercial for Ford that cat lovers hate. Just a normal morning in #prosapologian.

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