Anyone in the Phoenix area: do you know this man? He is our thief. Last August he stole my tablet PC and a number of other items from my office. This morning, at 7:49am, he did it again. My tablet, once again, is gone. He took a very nice travel bag as well (with various connections and the like, my only mp3 recorder, etc.), but, he only did that to hide the tablet as he made his get-away. He went straight to the same door he got through last time. How on earth could he have done this twice? Because we have asked to have the door replaced for five months (we only rent this facility), but, it has yet to be replaced. We put a huge bolt on the door and made other modifications, but we had expected those measures to be temporary. I had never dreamed it would take over five months to replace the door. Ironically, we had been told last week the doors had finally arrived. But, no one had called to arrange the installation. The alarm system worked, but, this is Phoenix, and I arrived before the cops did!
   I am truly at a loss as to what to say. Obviously, given another break in, the processes that had begun back in August of last year will get a little “bump” in priority. The doors will be replaced with high quality security doors this week. Maybe the fence issue will finally be addressed. But, knowing how things normally work, that extra energy will be temporary. As for me, I do not think I will ever feel safe leaving anything here over night. As I sit here at my desk my mind is racing, looking around my office, asking myself, “What else is missing?” It took over a month for me to identify all the items stolen last time.
   If you recognize this man, please call the Phoenix Police. I know my tablet is gone. It’s already been sold to someone for drug money or the like. But this man needs to be apprehended. Sadly, my cynicism tells me he would probably never even see jail time anyway.
   Here is the video:

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