I have been informed that some students think I am “lying” about Ergun Caner’s comment that I posted last night from Twitter. I’m not sure how you “lie” about someone when you quote their entire comment. Surely, a “tweet” has little context, but I think I know Caner’s context (here’s proof). But as I have read the argument (which, ironically, is coming from someone in the law school, who should know better), they disagree with how I am reading Caner’s meaning (based upon our previous interactions) and are equating disagreement on that level with dishonesty and misrepresentation. This kind of muddled thinking is commonplace in our society today. We think with our hearts and emotions, not with our heads. Ask any teacher who happens to teach logic these days. Hard to find students. And even if a person studies the subject, one may know the formal means of reasoning without applying those in every day life.

Ergun Caner said we don’t need a Reformation of doctrine. I disagree. Man’s traditions have eviscerated the powerful gospel of Christ that presents a mighty and glorious Savior who commands men everywhere to repent. Man-centeredness has turned God’s law into God’s mild suggestions, so that those who love their sin feel no shame when they flaunt that sin in public. The wrath of God has become the slight annoyance of God (but He’ll get over it). And once you come up with a gospel that is really not even “gospel lite,” you can hardly be surprised that it doesn’t change the hearts of men, since the only heart that is ever truly changed is changed by the Spirit of God in concert with the Gospel of Christ. And hence why I concluded with that line, “What you win them with is what you win them to.” Reformation of doctrine is necessary for there to be a “Revolution of soul winning.” The Spirit is the Soul Winner, and He uses the gospel He has enscripturated in Holy Writ to accomplish His task. Think about it.

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