I suppose the really positive thing about the 15 hours on a jet on the way to Sydney is…it will be an Airbus 380, the new jumboliner with two full decks on it. At least I’ll have someplace to walk! I wonder if you can do sprints up and down the stairs? In any case, I will be getting to work almost as soon as I arrive (which may not be overly wise: I make no guarantees of my orthodoxy for 24 hours after my arrival!), and I will be engaging Abdullah Kunde, an Islamic representative, on “New Testament or Qur’an: Which is a Guidance for the World” on Monday the 17th. Though not an overly “sharp” topic, it was thought best to lay groundwork for possible future debates with a discussion that can be a bit less strident. Of course, it gives a wonderful opportunity for comparison and contrast, and for Gospel proclamation. I will be busy through Wednesday in Sydney, then Thursday I fly to Brisbane, and the conference starts Friday night. It looks right now like I will actually have an entire day “off” on the following Monday before flying home. Whatever will I do?
While the trans-Pacific flight, and even the Sydney-to-Brisbane flight, have been covered by my hosts, there will, of course, be associated costs involved. If you would like to help bless the saints in Australia and bless us in the process, we have a link for donations for travel. I know it is very encouraging when I know the ministry is able to handle the incidental costs that come when I travel without having to endanger any of our regular on-going work. Thank you for considering us as part of your Christian stewardship!

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