As I have noted previously, I will be ministering in the UK beginning this week, first in London, then moving north to Glasgow and Inverness. I will be doing my best to blog while traveling, but I honestly am not putting any pressure on myself to keep to any particular schedule since I cannot guarantee any particular level of Internet access.
Each morning brings new and amazing stories of violence on the part of Muslims worldwide though I find the paucity of coverage by American media symptomatic of its inherent fear of the entire topic. Truth would demand a discussion of what the cartoons were about and whether they speak accurately to issues within Islam and specifically in the teachings of Mohammed. But, it is sort of hard to have those kinds of conversations when you are standing on the wrong end of an AK-47 or before a crowd chanting “death to those who offend the Prophet.” If you live where you can still speak about these things without too much fear of death, be thankful. Many of our brothers and sisters in the world live under oppression from the Muslim religion and do not have these freedoms.

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