I wanted to let folks know where we stand on current projects.

I am still gathering materials for the Ehrman project. Of course, Ehrman is right now on the NPR/talk show circuit pushing Jesus, Interrupted, so I am gathering info from his appearances. I will post a video later today, Lord willing, drawing from his recent NPR appearance. I have added a few more items to the ministry resource list, mainly focusing on counter-evidence regarding those very early years of Christian history (about which Ehrman makes many assumptions, stating them as “givens”).   

But before I press on with the Ehrman work I feel the need to do something “positive,” in the sense of not simply responding to error. I am writing a small book presenting the gospel to Muslims. There are fundamental stumbling blocks in the Islamic perspective that keep them from “hearing” the full symphony that is the glorious gospel of Christ. I pray that the Lord will open a way to have this book distributed widely to the salvation of His elect and the glory of the gospel. More as I have portions ready to share.

Please pray that the Lord will give guidance regarding a third possible debate at the end of April/beginning of May in the Midwest. I hope to have final word on this possible ministry opportunity this week.

Finally, pray about the possibility of a joint work in response to Beckwith’s reversion story. His work is simply re-stating the basic errors of Akin and other RC apologists, including his overturning Paul’s entire argument in Romans 4 regarding justification (he styles it the “journey of justification,” i.e., he buys into the refutation of Paul’s argument in Romans 4 by agreeing with Paul’s opponents!), but given his position in the ETS, it is worthwhile to respond to his errors. There are a number of patristic issues he raises as well that need to be examined and refuted. Many hands makes for lighter work!

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