1) I do not know who put up the Dave Armstrong blog. I was pointed to it last night.
2) If they did not obtain permission from Angel for the use of his cartoon, whoever it is should take it down.
3) If you want to see how to deal with Dave Armstrong, look back a few months to what happened when I invested the time to dig into his book. Response? Bluster, sputter, retreat, collapse, invisibility, Lent.

UPDATE: DA blogged some more on his speculations concerning his anonymous pseudo-blogger. I’m sorry, but anyone in DA’s position, who is constantly throwing stuff out there, is simply playing games if he then decides on some arbitrary standard as to who is an “anti-Catholic,” and then on that basis, says he will not interact with them (though, of course, he can make comments about them all he wants, he just doesn’t have to actually respond to refutations). As he commented on this current odd situation he just had to add, “rather, one should look to his critique of one of my arguments (quite conveniently, after I made a resolution not to dialogue with anti-Catholics anymore), as the proper way to do it.” Mr. Armstrong is once again re-writing history. As anyone can see by going back to the records, Armstrong made the most recent version of his “I will not respond to anti-Catholics” promise after and as a direct result of my critiquing his book. In fact, at first, he tried to respond to my articles (here’s an example). But it was painfully clear he was in way over his head, so he all of a sudden had a change of heart and issued his “don’t respond to anti-Catholics” decree. Now he would have his readers thinking he actually did so before I began my review, so that I was taking the easy road in going after him only after I knew I would be “safe” from his brilliant and awe-inspiring rebuttals, which, sadly, the world cannot now see because he is so consistent in keeping his oaths. Please! Someone fax over some reality to Mr. Armstrong.

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