Greetings from Long Beach Airport. On my way home after spending yesterday with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron and the entire crew at The Way of the Master here in Southern California. I talked, quite honestly, non-stop, from yesterday morning at 7:30am till yesterday afternoon at 4:30pm. We shot a great deal of footage (high def!) on Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Roman Catholicism, and Islam. I had a wonderful time with all the guys, and really enjoyed getting to meet Ray and Kirk, both of whom proved to be genuine, passionate brothers with a real love for the Lord. They were greatly encouraging, and I look forward to coming back here next month to shoot more footage relating to apologetics and evangelism.
   I’m shooting for a 2pm DL tomorrow, yes, on Wednesday. I have not checked with the Powers That Be on that yet, but I will once my flight gets in.
   Also, I think some of our readers would find the Bible Study lesson Sunday morning at PRBC to be useful/helpful. The section in the synoptic study brought us to the subject of Christ’s rejoicing in the context of judgment. Here is the study (streaming/download).

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