For all those waiting for a review of Love Wins: I’m not privileged to be on the “inside” of the publishing industry, so I will have to wait for the book to be released. I have ordered the Kindle edition, which is supposed to be out on the 25th. I will take the time to listen to it then. Others will have reviews out long before I do, to be sure. But, you may wish to review the debate I did 18 months ago now with someone holding a similar view as (it seems) Bell now holds, on the Unbelievable radio broadcast of August 8, 2009. Something tells me I will be repeating many of my main points from that program over the next few weeks.

Secondly, many thanks to the Trinity Law School, and Lane Chaplin in particular, for a great weekend in Southern California. Lane should have some clips from the proceedings up soon, and I plan to post them here as well. I will report on the event tomorrow on the Dividing Line.

Pray that this will be a good “book week,” i.e., a week when I get to spend a lot of quality time working on my current book projects!

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