A quick note from here in Santa Fe. This picture was taken this morning at 10,000 ft. above sea level, just below the ski station, looking toward Santa Fe and Albuquerque. You can see the smoke from the Wallow Fire in the distance, unfortunately, but it is still gorgeous. Yes, I was on a ride, a 50 miler climbing 7000+ ft., spending two hours working hard between 9000 and 10,300 ft. above sea level (now that I’ve discovered Garmin Connect, I can share my rides, like today’s). Today marked the end of my riding year, and I plan on commenting on that a bit more later. In any case, I’ve been working hard here in Santa Fe, and you can listen in to the presentations I’ve done on the Practical Implications of Reformed Theology here, through the gracious facilities of Calvary Santa Fe.

We will be continuing the Radio Free Geneva examination of the Cornerstone Community Church sermon on predestination tomorrow on the DL via Skype. Yes, I know the video has been removed from the web. Doesn’t change my plans one bit. 🙂

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