Greetings from Berlin! First full day of teaching here at the Europäisches Bibel Trainings Centrum (EBTC) is completed. What a joy to meet with men from Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, and an entire group who flew in from Kiev! We are covering textual criticism through Thursday, then on Friday a marathon day with a larger group on cults and false religions. Truly enjoying my time here at EBTC, though I hear it is predicted to hit 92 for a high on Thursday, and unlike my home of Phoenix, most buildings here do not have air conditioning! Could get sticky!

There is an item on the Ministry Resource List I’d like to mention—it’s the only one, actually, and my how it would have been a life saver last Thursday! It was one of those “travel days” where everything went wrong. Cancelled flight, sitting on the runway for an hour, becoming late, and the infamous “OJ run” from concourse B to concourse C in Philadelphia at 11pm at night, just making it onto the plane before the door closed. I went from Phoenix to Chicago to Philadelphia to Boston, arriving over eight hours late. In the process I managed to kill the battery on my phone making calls and keeping folks appraised of the situation, checking flight stats, etc. Could have really used the item on the MRL, that’s for sure!

I am thinking about trying to sneak a DL in possibly Wednesday morning/early afternoon, Phoenix time. We will see if I can make that happen.

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