Well, I need to keep this short, as I want to run past the new office and see how things are going. Before moving we have walls to build, ceilings to install, network stuff to run…all that fun stuff. But the process has begun. It will be a long one.
I’m behind the curve, obviously, but you do have to wonder what Rick Warren was thinking when he said recently, “”Muslim fundamentalism, Christian fundamentalism, Jewish fundamentalism, secular fundamentalism — they’re all motivated by fear. Fear of each other.” Hey that’s brilliant, Rick. Nothing like doing your history studies at CNN and playing right into the hands of those who refuse to properly define beliefs and movements and actions based upon worldviews.
Pyromaniac has opened a real can of worms with just the opening portion of his discussion of spiritual gifts. And as is to be expected, the vast majority of commentators missed his point. Hence the danger of comments sections. Pooled ignorance is a glorious thing.
Steve Camp has great taste in fractal art, and that reminds me I have not made any new fractals in about six months. Hard to make fractals when you are on the road cranking along around 19 mph and listening to a Muslim apologist or John Shelby Spong or someone like that.
For all of you who rushed to Eric Nielsen’s blog to see what all the excitement was about, you have probably discovered what we all feared: given that it took him from March 24, 2004, till December 26, 2005, to recover from his initial blogging explosion, it was to be expected that, like a brilliant heavenly display, he would burn out quickly. It has been ten days since the last example of what it means to be blog-o-rific, and if history is any guide, you can’t expect anything to appear on Eric’s blog until…September 24, 2007. Patience is a virtue.
If I can scratch out the time I would like to post a few of the “tough questions” Catholic Answers pretends to address in their new book, and point out, for the few of their followers who actually venture out here to test out their “answers,” what really tough questions look like. I have had “reply to Jimmy Akin’s series on the priesthood” on my “future blog series” list for months. I need to grab that debate and listen to it, having debated Fr. Mitch Pacwa on the same topic.
May you all have a blessed Lord’s Day!

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