Greetings from Westbury, Long Island. I managed to get the first half of last night’s debate up this morning, and now that I am finished with my Lord’s Day duties, I’m compressing the next portion of the debate. My camera died before the end of the debate, so I had to use my little Casio for the last few minutes, and once I start the upload of Part 2, I’ll get to that portion. It will not be very long so I should have it posted by the morning.

Had a great day preaching at Lynnbrook Baptist Church this morning, and Grace Reformed Baptist this evening. I spoke on Islam at Lynnbrook, and my sermon topic at GRBC was “What is an Abomination in God’s Sight.” How very sad to have to constantly be thinking of how our society is losing its liberties and how so many wish to stifle free speech in the name of a totalitarian, secular political correctness that is nothing less than Orwellian in nature.

This trip has been a technological disaster! I forgot the main camera I needed to bring. I even forgot the window mount device for my GPS (the nice fellow at Hertz gave me one—he had a whole box of ’em left behind by customers!). And in the ultimate example of absent mindedness, I even forgot my debate timer (I never do that). Then, when I got to the debate last night, the zipper on my bag completely failed, and we had to literally rip it open to get my materials out! For someone who is normally pretty well organized, well…it’s been interesting. I picked up a new bag today, though, that looks quite promising. It has two pockets you can get to from the outside that I can use for my digital projector and the small streaming PC, so it will help in the wonderful task of getting through TSA screening.

Pray for a video interview Tuesday evening, and for my presentation on the reliability of the New Testament at New Hyde Park Baptist Church on Wednesday. I’m hoping some of my Muslim friends I met Saturday evening will come out for that presentation. I am also planning on doing the DL at the regular time on Tuesday, continuing with Geisler’s sermon.

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