I will be on with Janet Mefferd today at noon my time. I have no idea if that will be live anywhere, always recorded…just don’t know. But, I’ll be on!

Had a great double ascent of South Mountain this morning, and snapped this picture on the way down the second time. A bit hard to see, but each of those clouds has what looks like a stalactite formation hanging from it, glowing in the early morning sun! Upside down pyramids. Just gorgeous! How sad that humanists see that and go, “Eh, atmospheric temperature variations producing minor precipitation that evaporates at altitude” and think that their knowing the mechanics exhausts the meaning of nature. Very sad indeed.

Finally, on the way home I hit rush hour, so I was sitting in a line waiting to get on the northbound I-17 freeway in Phoenix, when I looked over and saw a large billboard, black letters on a bright yellow background. It read, “We don’t have an immigration problem, we have a capitalism problem.” Say what?

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