As our readers know, I have a two-on-two debate tomorrow evening here in Phoenix, where I will team up with Dr. Michael Brown in defense of the Trinity against two unitarians, including Sir Anthony Buzzard. So I have not had time for blogging, and evidently the rest of the team is just as busy as I am. My apologies. But I thought I would take a moment to note that the OliveTree app for iPad will be what is running when I do the debate tomorrow evening. I have found how to insert rather full notes, using unicode Greek and Hebrew, into the text. Since it has great menus, I can get from one text to another very quickly, and by inserting important notes right into the text, I am, in essence, creating an “apologetics study Bible” text right on my iPad. For example, I just inserted the textual critical data on John 1:18 into a note attached to that text which includes not only the NA27 data (from my Logos library) but the CNTTS data as well (from Accordance). I also included the four-point argument relating to Romans 9:5 from The Forgotten Trinity as well. This will be very, very helpful in situations where speed (and time) is of the essence, such as in debates, or in this case, the even more challenging situation of doing a debate on a television program!

I have been amazed at how the iPad has come to do more and more for me when traveling and debating. I never expected it to have the capacities that it does. Those at the debates the past two weekends have seen how I have used it to control my KeyNote presentations, take my notes, function as English Bible text, Greek text, LXX text, Hebrew text, repository of notes on relevant subjects, etc. And now that I have the 3G HotSpot via Froyo on my Droid, I can have the iPad wirelessly connected to both the Internet (for quick searches) as well as to my MacBook Pro (for transfer of files, quotations, citations, etc., using either SyncDocs with Notebooks, or DropCopy–all iPad apps).

Well, enough geek speak for the moment! Yes, I will be doing the DL tomorrow, live, at its regular Tuesday morning time.

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