The local Lynchburg paper called to get a comment on the action of Liberty in not renewing Ergun Caner’s contract as Dean of the seminary, but in extending a one-year teaching contract to him. The reporter indicated that he is not expecting further details from Liberty. He asked questions, such as who was on the committee, etc., but they declined to give answers.

He did read me the 12-or-so line statement, which included weasel words like “misstatements” rather than “lies.” Sadly, we have become so accustomed to our politically-correct age where such language is used that it hardly phases us anymore, but, this is an ostensibly Christian institution we are discussing, therefore, direct language should be used about what one says as the head of an important part of that institution, especially when those words are uttered in the name of Christ and behind the sacred desk.

In any case, one line that caught my attention that I managed to type out, I think, verbatim: “Dr. Caner has apologized for the discrepancies and misstatements that led to this review.” How do you apologize for a “discrepancy” unless you created the discrepancy? A real apology for a discrepancy would involve an explanation of why you were untruthful and what motivated you to be dishonest. And saying you lived in Turkey to one audience while at the very same time telling another audience (reporters, those who can check you out) that you lived in Ohio is not a misstatement. It is a lie, plain and simple.

While I am thankful that Liberty has at least confessed that there is, in fact, an elephant in the room, when are they going to get around to explaining how he got there?

And what’s more—upon what basis do they think it a good idea to invite him to stick around and teach the next group of students? I could understand that IF Caner produces a full and open confession that is riddled with abject HONESTY for once. Let’s hope and pray that statement will soon appear on Ergun Caner’s website.

   The DL will be live this afternoon at 4pm. I might even have something other than a plastic table to sit at today! I have been listening to the sounds of hammers, drills, saws, all day…and the wood for my bookshelves is supposed to arrive next week! The trees finally grew up, I guess. Not sure what I will do with a functional library again! Guess I’ll have to finish writing that book…what is it called again? Oh, yes, Pulpit Crimes! Yes indeed.
   Speaking of library resources and the like, I rarely make mention of these things, but a small number of folks have let me know that they would like to know when a particular need arises, a special need, a special project, to which they may wish to contribute. I have a set of reference works I would very much like to have available to me as I follow the Lord’s leading in my studies and future work. Given their nature, they are tremendously expensive, all of them together adding up to just over a thousand dollars. With all the continued expenses of construction, I felt it best to let folks know about this and let the Lord take care of the need through His people, in His time.

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