Hacim, King of Graphics, improved my last post by adding a screen shot of the exact statement by Ergun Caner noted in my previous blog notes. Now, as I looked at it, I started reading the side bar, and I ran across this line:

He has debated leaders in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Bahai, Taoism, and many cult leaders in forty states and eleven countries.

Now that’s a bio line! I would love to hear these debates, especially the ones on Islam and the “cult leaders.” So I went to Dr. Caner’s website to look for how I can obtain these debates. And, just as it was in 2006, you can’t find anything about all these debates he has done all over the US (well, 4/5ths of the US anyway) and in eleven countries. So, could someone please tell me how to get hold of all of these debates? Who has Ergun Caner debated on the Islamic side? Zakir Naik? Shabir Ally? Bassam Zawadi? Adnan Rashid? Zulfiqar Ali Shah? Who? What cult leaders has he debated? Where are the recordings, videos, etc.? I went to his YouTube page…only five videos, none of them debates. So, could someone help me?

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