I received an e-mail that contained a list of “Principles of Biblical Interpretation for the 21st Century. While I didn’t agree with all of them, the first five were sadly accurate:


    1. Scripture is full of paradoxes and apparent contradictions that cannot be explained, reconciled, harmonized, or systematized by the finite, human mind [and I add, it is considered backwards, ignorant, or “traditionalist,” to seek to explain or harmonize such things].


    1. Apparently contradictory statements in Scripture must each be given equal weight and authority in interpretation [even if their contexts are completely different, see #3].


    1. Each passage of Scripture stands alone and must be interpreted by itself.


    1. There are no passages of Scripture that speak more clearly than other passages. Each passage is equally clear. Each passage is equally unclear.


    1. The true and full sense of Scripture is manifold, limited only by the number of apparently contradictory passages a reader can find.


Those who seek to promote God’s truth at this time when post-modernism has infected the very core of Evangelicalism, well know the truth, and destructiveness, of the above propositions.

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