Once again I wish to thank everyone who has expressed concern, and support, with reference to the break-in a few weeks ago. A lot of progress has been made. If it is a computer in my office, it is now cabled down securely. Our doors are finally in. In fact, here is a shot I just saved from our security cameras a few moments ago of Rich, master of all tasks, painting the new door outside of his office. The doors are steel, thick, and heavy. They have full length hinges and double industrial strength dead bolts. Full length astricle as well. As you can see, there are bars on all the windows now as well. So we have been quite busy on that front, to be sure.
   Most of what was stolen has now been replaced. The tablet PC I use so often while traveling is no longer made, so I went with two refurbished units instead, each about half the price of a new one. This way I have a backup. An unexpected blessing that came along with this route was that one of the two units came with a docking station. This allowed me to restore my system from my backups very easily and quickly (the last time it was quite a chore, requiring shipping of the unit to Texas!). So I am thankful for that. In the same way, replacing my mp3 voice recorder means the new unit, which was cheaper than the original, is actually a better unit, with much more recording time on it. So, I try to look at the bright side as much as possible!
   But let us not forget justice has yet to be done. I showed this picture to a worker at a local restaurant and they identified him as the one who had robbed them as well. Rich mentioned the guy to someone at a local lock company and he described him perfectly without even seeing his picture as the thief who robbed the restaurant while he was there! So I would think that someone as active in the criminal realm as he is will eventually make a mistake. Of course, given that God’s law is so despised in our nation today, and justice is so little seen as a reflection of God’s nature and His glory, criminals like this are rarely punished. But God will not be mocked. Justice will be done. I have a sign in the window of my office with this man’s picture, warning him of the wrath of God, and inviting him to knock on the front door during business hours so that he can learn what he can do to be made right with God.
   Please continue to pray for the work of the ministry and the security of our offices. We know that all the measures we can take will not stop a determined criminal. Only God can provide real protection, and so we trust Him in this matter.

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