I recently uploaded six years of the GPTS Annual Spring Theology Conferences (1998-2003) to Sermon Audio. There is quite a bit to feast upon including (most include Q&A and some include debates):

1998 THEME: Southern Presbyterianism (NOTE: this was the first conference and the topic was fitting for the occasion; Dr. Pipa became the first president of GPTS)
*Introduction to Old School Theology, Dr. Morton Smith
*Old School Theology & Southern Seminaries. Dr. David Calhoun
*Old School Presbyterians and Social Issues. Dr. T. David Gordon
*Southern Presbyterian Preaching. Dr. Douglas Kelly
*Impact of New School Thought. Dr. Greg Singer
*An Uncommon School for Uncommon Times. Dr. Joseph Pipa
Click here to listen.

Others include:
Did God Create in Six Days?

Written for Our Instruction: The Sufficiency of Scripture for All of Life

Sanctification: Growing in Grace

Reformed Spirituality: Communing with Our Glorious God

The Worship of God

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