Last month Carla, who does a lot of A&O related graphics, t-shirts, etc. (see here), mentioned that she has been designing shoes. I guess Keds allows you to design…almost anything and put it on a pair of their classic Keds. I don’t remember who came up with the idea, but I provided her with the wildest, brightest fractal in my collection, this one:

It is one of my older ones, so old I don’t remember if this was a tweak of a pre-existing formula or just what. I just know it has orange and blue, and for me, that’s all it needs (my favorite colors, and my favorite color combination, as you can tell my looking at my Bible covers, my Mac case, my phone case, etc.). Now, I even made a tie of this one, which you can see here. So Carla designed the shoes, and yes, here they are:

You can see ’em up close here. Now, I prefer white instead of the black (all those things can be customized), but I’m pretty proud. Just think of it! In one month I’ve been linked with Sproul, Piper, and Edwards in the infamous Southern Baptist “How to Recognize a Calvinist” paper, warned about by George Bryson in an e-mail sent to all Calvary Chapel Pastors, and had one of my fractals put on a pair of Classic Keds! I do believe I’ve arrived!

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