As I look around at what attracts Christians today, I confess, I feel a bit out of touch. The seminars and conferences that really pack them in hold little interest for me. Spending days on end listening to folks trying to convince me about how lucky God is to have me on His team just doesn’t get me overly excited.
   On the other hand, it is pretty rare to have the opportunity, outside of solid, sound seminaries, to spend a concentrated period of time doing in-depth study of the sacred doctrines of the faith. And the reality is, those who get to do that kind of thing normally pay large sums of money for the privilege.
   That is why I hope my readers will seriously consider joining me in October for The Cross: Theology and Historicity on board the Mercury, leaving Seattle October 15th. We still have plenty of room, but, we won’t for long. For those looking for an intense, seminary-level class focused upon one of the primary areas of Christian theology where, sadly, in many places, sappy sentimentalism has replaced thorough-going biblical understanding, this is it. Not only will we be spending four hours a day in the Word, challenging and encouraging one another in the faith, but we will be looking forward to my debate with Shabir Ally on the Friday evening we disembark the beautiful Mercury. I really believe this will focus our attention like almost nothing else could!
   Now, I know—not everyone wants to spend their “vacation” studying theology. That is why for those who will not be taking the class there will be plenty to do, including visiting Victoria, British Columbia, and Nanaimo, both beautiful ports of call.
   Now, I remember seminary well, and during breaks in long classes, I enjoyed…Cheetos and a Mountain Dew from the vending machine in the hallway. The idea of taking a class like this and then having some of the finest fare at sea on one of the most beautiful ships I’ve ever sailed on (it is my favorite) was far beyond my wildest dreams back then. But that is what the folks on our cruise will experience in October: great theology, great fellowship, gorgeous views of God’s creation, all with the finest in sustenance. You just can’t beat it.
   I may have mentioned this before, but some folks have said they’d love to come, but either the husband or the wife just can’t handle the movement of a vessel at sea. I fully understand that, and that is why this cruise is so special. The Mercury is a tremendous ship (I’ve sailed her twice before), and she sails smooth. But what is more, we will be close to shore, in fact, sailing inside the Inside Passage area, so to be honest, this should be the smoothest cruise we have ever taken, bar none. For those who wish they could sail, but are concerned about open-sea ship movement, this is your chance. It really is.
   Time is getting short on being able to make sure you have a spot in October. If you have been delaying, pondering…now is the time to make your move. You’ll kick yourself October 20th if you don’t!

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