Well, I must admit, the Sun Princess is quite the ship. I just discovered that aside from the Internet Cafe (which I had become accustomed to on past cruises), this ship has a Wi-Fi hot spot that, though it costs the same as the Internet Cafe, allows me to use my laptop so as to get my regular mail, not just special mail sent to a special address. And so, here I am! I can blog, though I am not sure how much I will be able to do as far as pictures go, since that requires getting an FTP connection, which takes time, and given this is by satellite, might be just a little tricky. But in any case, greetings from somewhere at sea between Ketchikan and Juneau!

Today we had a session wherein Dr. Jim Renihan spoke on the topic, “That’s Just Your Interpretation.” It was a great introduction to the importance and practice of biblical hermeneutics. It was held in the show lounge on the ship, and the stage has the brightest, most amazingly RED stage curtain I’ve ever seen. I told Jim that no respectable Reformed Baptist would be caught dead speaking in front of something like that.
Personally, I am sitting on my balcony listening to the waves rolling by, watching the storm clouds dance on the mountains only a few hundred yards away as we move through the Inner Passage. It is only in the mid to lower 50s, and, of course, as always on a ship, there is some wind, so I have to warm my hands up every few minutes. But, it was 116 at my home in Phoenix last Sunday, so I will enjoy this cool weather, and the incredibly clean air, for as long as I can!
Finally, we all continue to pray for Eddie Exposito and the members of his church at this time of devastation in New Orleans and all along the Gulf Coast. We pray God will provide strength and the means of ministry to all those seeking to minister during this time of trial.

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