It has been pretty difficult for anyone to find any evidence of either of the Caner brothers engaging in debates with leading proponents of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc., as Ergun’s pre-2010 bio used to claim. But maybe we have discovered why! We were looking for debates in English! This May, 2002 article in SBC Life may help us find those dozens and dozens of elusive debates (more than sixty with Islamic leaders alone, according to one newspaper account). They actually took place in Arabic and French! No wonder we haven’t been able to find them! Here’s the relevant quotation:

The heightened interest in Islam has drawn each of the Caner brothers into additional debate settings at mosques and universities, speaking in English, French, and Arabic with Muslim scholars. And they have been interviewed by the BBC, CNN, Moody Broadcasting Network, Salem Radio Network, and USA Radio. Talk show invitations have come from Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Marlon Maddux, and Zola Levitt.

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