A few weeks ago I noted that I had to re-install Windows after a motherboard upgrade (Mac cultists enjoyed that a lot). All of my programs are back and happy and everything…except for one.

I listen to a LOT of music on my computer, and back about 2002 I purchased the full-bore, life-time upgrade, super-duper version of MusicMatch Jukebox Plus. I have recommended it to many. I like its look, and until now, have only had a couple little glitches with it. It can be a little persnickety, to be sure. It crashes easier than almost anything else on my system, especially when someone grabs the audio driver unexpectedly. But, I’ve enjoyed it…until now.

You can download music using MusicMatch, and I have done so. Over a couple of years you can accumulate quit a number of tracks, and they are licensed to your own personal use. That’s fine with me, of course…until you have to re-install the program after a Windows re-install. You are supposed to just be able to go into your account and “activate” your current PC. Well, that’s real nice: except that when you enter your ID and password, it goes into a loop, taking you right back to the same screen. (Password is correct: my laptop still has full access to my account). So no go.

So, being a good computer user, I go to the website and read the FAQ’s. Nothing there I haven’t done. So, I try the technical assistance form. Fill it out, and when you submit it, it runs a JavaScript session on you. Hangs at “job 80” and never submits your request. Tried it five times, two different browsers. Nothing. Yeah, I tried calling: only a recording telling you to use the website.

So, all I can do is write to customer service and beg them, please, please, forward my note to the technical guys. First response: change your password, and here’s how (don’t you love those programs that scan your e-mail, pick up on key words, and fire something back at you that is utterly irrelevant?). Even though I knew that wasn’t it, I did it anyway. No go. So, I started asking them, please, please, forward to the technical folks. They have now stopped responding to me en toto. Zero. Nada. “Just go away, we have your money, we don’t want your business.” That is the message I am getting very loud and clear.

Now, I have enough computer savvy to guess what’s up: de-installing does not remove everything that needs to be removed, either file wise or registry wise. There is either a file lurking somewhere that is still telling the system I’m on my old motherboard, or, more likely, registry entries that de-installation does not clean out. So, once I get back from England, I can either 1) give up on MusicMatch and all the music I have downloaded over the years, or, 2) make a backup of my registry and go hunting (after another de-installation) for every single reference to MusicMatch anywhere to be found. If it wasn’t for the music sitting there, I’d dump this program in a nanosecond, simply because it is obvious these folks don’t care a bit about their customers (twelve attempts and nearly three weeks is simply absurd). Now, should any of you folks out there have a fix, I’d love to hear from you. Otherwise, be warned: MusicMatch comes with lots of new computers. It does a good job: until you need customer support. Then, well, you are on your own.

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