This is probably one of the strangest stories we’ve heard in channel of late, but also a very encouraging one. One of our semi-regular participants in channel, thisbox71, had quite the experience today. He was at at Border’s bookstore in a city that I will simply say is in a rather large state. Very large. Humungous. So, anyway, thisbox71 sees this fellow who is dressed in a rather unusual manner looking through some sort of gnostic Bible, so he thinks this would be a good time to try to speak with him. The store was closing, so he asked if he needed to make a purchase. The fellow said he didn’t, so they went outside to find a place to talk. As they walked toward thisbox’s car, two police cars converged on them! The officers patted thisbox down and put him in the back of a police wagon. Turns out the fellow was a shoplifter, and his bag was filled with stolen goods! So thisbox explained that he did not know the guy and was simply seeking to witness to him. The officer asked where he went to church, and he replied that he had just recently decided on a church, and noted that he is Reformed. When he said that, the officer replied, “Ah, I’m Reformed as well. Have you ever heard of James White with Alpha and Omega ministries?” What a small world! I guess the officer catches the DL once in a while, too! I sent the officer an e-mail just to encourage him and thank him for his service to us all.

That story reminded me of what happened to me a few weeks ago. I had taken a watch into a jeweler to have the band adjusted. I had made a little mistake when I went in, though: I was on my motorcycle, so I walked in without taking my helmet off. Picture me coming in wearing a black leather jacket and a black helmet. Just about scared the staff to death. So anyway, they say it will take about an hour, and I’m hungry. So I decide I’m going to run over to Burger King and grab a chicken sandwich while I’m waiting. So I put in my order, put my helmet and jacket in a booth, and wait for them to call my number. Meanwhile a young man with an infant girl has ordered as well. She’s a real cutey, so I say to him, “Oh, enjoy them while they are young. My little girl turns 16 in a few weeks, and I’ll tell you, they grow up so fast.” And I smiled.

Well, the guy didn’t smile back. He had this very odd look on his face. I wondered if I had done something wrong. Then he said, “You’re James White!” Now, I will never, ever get used to that. I probably looked as shocked as he did, and replied, “Well, yes, yes I am.” “You spoke at my church a few years ago! I have some of your books, and I listen to the Dividing Line!” We had a nice chat for a few minutes. Like I said, small world.

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