Certain things stick with you about your first visit to Israel.  For me, this view out across the Sea of Galilee from Capernaum is important.  I had just led a study on John 6, fittingly, and took a few moments to snap some pictures to remember.  This is the very beach, 2000 years removed, that the men would have pulled their boats up onto after they realized Jesus had left following the feeding of the 5000.  Zealous men, seeking Jesus—and they were about to be told in the synagogue, “You have seen Me, but you do not believe.”  Oh my, how different than the reaction we would have to their zeal today!

Late September, 2020, God willing and the Lord protecting, I will stand here again.  Lord willing my wife will be with me this time. As will Rich and his wife, and Jeff Durbin and his wife, and a whole bunch of other folks on the 2020 A&O/Apologia Cruise, which will include Rome, Ephesus, and Athens as well! It will be a trip of a life time, so consider joining us!  Click here for details!


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