On July 8, 2010, I posted the following video on my blog. We all know that at that time the Caners, and Dr. Geisler, were monitoring what we were saying about the newly released excuses that, until just a few days ago, were posted on Geisler’s website (the links have now disappeared but the articles are still there as of this posting, such as here). Dr. Geisler, along with Ergun and Emir Caner, are fully aware of the questions posed in this video. A year has now passed without a word of explanation, without the first attempt, by any of them, to answer these basic, straightforward questions. Meanwhile, Ergun Caner, having moved from Liberty to Arlington Baptist Bible College, continues to speak at apologetics conferences for Veritas Seminary (see here) on the topic of Islam.

It is very difficult to put much stock in conferences where these men are speaking, given their glaring unwillingness to speak truthfully regarding these matters. How can they consistently criticize, for example, the Mormons for their continued ignoring of the mountains of evidence against Joseph Smith while they themselves ignore these questions and the full refutation of the excuses offered by Caner and promoted by Geisler? Simple honesty and integrity, one would think, would force them to respond, but what of the integrity of their statements concerning Islam? How can they continue to ignore this huge and glaring contradiction in their oft-repeated proclamations of the need to pursue truth at all costs? Do they really believe that time covers over all things, including the Great Evangelical Cover-Up?

I have taught at many conferences, and spoken with thousands of people (note that I do not claim, therefore, to have done thousands of debates!). I cannot imagine that Caner and Geisler get through too many of these conferences without someone asking them about these issues. It is sad to consider how they have shown such disrespect for the truth, for the “discernment” ministry, and the reputation of the gospel itself, in how they have sought to bury Ergun Caner’s misdeeds.

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