First, we will be moving the DL to 6:00pm EDT today so I can prepare a presentation on the single worst “homosexual Christian” argument ever made—why focus on the worst? Because, of course, it is becoming immensely popular due to its constant repetition on the Internet, that giant electronic web that constantly demeans serious thought and rewards facile (and in this case, simply bogus, absurd, and dishonest) argumentation.

Second, I finished the Mark series, which is ironic, in that the very next section of the Williams/Green debate includes Williams’ repetition of the canard about the low Christology of Mark, the very thing I take on so directly in this series:

Third, I must admit having security cameras on our offices actually makes criminal activity more difficult to deal with. What I mean is, years ago, when we were broken into the second time, we had video of the criminal who did it. Well, this morning we got video of a criminal, clearly a member of some kind of Hispanic gang (replete with gang hat on sideways) stealing one of our cameras right off the building. We have done everything short of razor wire and broken glass (evidently that is next) to stop this creep, but today he did it in broad daylight, just before 8am. Being able to see him scoping the place out and then doing the deed only makes it more maddening. Pray for the safety of our offices, for clearly, if folks can do that kind of thing in broad daylight, they might we quite bold to do more in the darkness. And, of course, we need to replace that camera…again.

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