The pre-publication price on Pulpit Crimes from Solid Ground has only a few days left on it, so grab it while you can, and, while you are running by the website, take advantage of their sale running through 10/31. And, if you think that is a Halloween sale, well, you need to buy many more books from them, like, on Church history and the Reformation and the like.
   Also, Baker has put out a new book, Justification in Perspective: Historical Developments and Contemporary Challenges edited by Bruce L. McCormack. One of the articles in the book is titled “Justification in the Early Fathers” by Dr. Nick Needham, who is also the pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church in Inverness, Scotland, where I have spoken a few times over the past couple of years. In fact, I was speaking in Inverness the day I first got word about the Caners appearing on the Founders Ministries blog. I’ve gotten to know Dr. Needham and greatly appreciate his spirit and his scholarship.
   Finally, today on the DL I think I’m going to mess up the schedule a bit and respond to some of Emir Caner’s sermon from TRBC on the 15th. Be listening at 4pm MST—whenever on earth that is where you are today!

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