My quick blog run and e-mail review netted some pretty odd stuff this morning.
First, it is amazing to watch the rioting, armed thuggery, etc., associated with the publishing of caricatures of Mohammed in Danish newspapers, and now newspapers across Europe. Michelle Malkin has the entire story. Muslims attacking EU offices with guns, demonstrations in the streets, and all over caricatures that are mild and timid in comparison to what you normally see in US newspapers on a daily basis. Can you imagine if instead of the Book of Daniel they had produced a similar program on the Qur’an? TV stations would have been going up in flames. It is not that blaspheming Christ is any less offensive to me, I just respond by praying for the repentance of those doing it, and using it as a basis for challenging, if possible, those doing it on grounds of truth. Islam claims to have grounds of truth, but as we have seen repeatedly of late, examination of those grounds exposes the religion for what it is. So, the more natural response is to follow Mohammed’s example and engage in jihad.
Slice of Laodicea had two disturbing notes, one an episode of that always depraved “comedy” “Will and Grace” scheduled for the week before Easter featuring that model of morality, Britney Spears, playing a conservative Christian hosting a cooking show called “Cruci-fixins.” Of course it is a shot at TBN, and of course TBN provides all sorts of fodder for that kind of thing. Doesn’t change how ridiculous such a move on NBC’s part is. What are they trying to do, take over ABC’s role as chief offender of believing Christians? Are they ever going to do an episode making fun of how many people die in Mecca trying to get around to throwing rocks at the devil? Yeah, doubtful. It’s a lot easier to attack Christians. We write letters and articles in protest: we don’t blow up your facilities. You’d think they’d give us credit for that. Don’t hold your breath.
And then there is a citation of a letter written in reference to the End of the Spear controversy, found here. Very worth reading.

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