No, I have no intentions of trying to find a boomerang to bring back, though my daughter has requested I bring her something “cool.” Unfortunately, her definition of cool, and mine, are…oh, about one generation apart. But I’ll give it a shot.
In any case, I have my presentations put together, a pile of power adapters on my desk, and hopefully all the stuff I want to try to read on the plane (when I’m not trying to sleep to pass the 15 hours a little faster) loaded onto my Kindle (talk about the easiest way to carry stuff to read on an airplane!).
I would like to thank the folks who have helped with preparations through the Ministry Resource List and through donating to the travel fund. We are still pretty short on the travel fund side, however, so I thought I’d let our faithful supporters know that. One again, thank you for considering our work as part of your ministry of Christian stewardship.

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