I noted on 12/29 that I had preached a brief sermon on the new Mel Gibson movie. I heard from John Piper that he has written a small book embodying the very concerns I voiced in that sermon. If you would like to get hold of it, you can see it and order it (when it comes out) at www.passion-book.com. I had realized the need for such a work, had considered trying to do something in a flash, and am very thankful someone else has far more foresight than I do!

Secondly, I have neglected to let folks know that the Reformed Baptist Theological Review is now accepting subscriptions. For details on this new publication, see www.rbtr.org. I will be contributing an article on the exegesis of Hebrews 8 to the second edition, due out in July. You might wish to subscribe for yourself, and then buy a second for one of your elders. I did!

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