One reason many of you enjoy Alpha and Omega Ministries is because of the clarity of the message. Whether through blog posts, audio, video or books the gospel is clearly proclaimed. As much as possible, theological issues are addressed to the common reader. Or, as one apologist used to say “We need to get the hay out of the loft and put it down on the barn floor where the cows can eat it” (actually, I believe this originated with Donald Gray Barnhouse).

In Reformed circles (and beyond) it goes without saying that R. C. Sproul puts the hay on the floor for us common folk. His new systematic theology titled Everyone’s a Theologian: An Introduction to Systematic Theology is no different. This book is currently on sale for $15.20 (20% off) right here. If you purchase 5 or more, they will cost you $9.50 each. A sample of this book is located here. It is worth purchasing. Chapters are short and too the point, easy to outline with memorable definitions. Perhaps a glossary after each chapter would have been helpful, but without one, it simply forces you to do some work.

Speaking of Sproul, it was announced last month that Stephen Nichols will become the second president of Reformation Bible College beginning July 1. Nichols is an able, and very articulate spokesman for the reformed faith. Someone recently told me that Nichols is so clear, she could listen to him read the phone book. Anyway, here is a sampling of Dr. Nichols on the topic of “Why the Reformation Matters”. Nichols also spoke at this year’s Ligonier’s conference on (who else, but) Jonanthan Edwards. Watch the lecture here.

Some of you will remember way back in 2004, both James and Steve spoke at an apologetics conference together. Here is the audio from that conference.

Need I even say that Dr. Nichols would certainly appreciate you praying for his future ministry at RBC.

I have not had a chance to read Doug Kelly’s 2nd Volume Systematic Theology (Vol. 2): The Beauty of Christ – A Trinitarian Vision, but if it is anything like the first, this will not be an easy read. Which simply means you’ll have to spend more time digesting this one in comparison to Sproul’s work. Looking at the Table of Contents, it seems it will be a very relevant work. This systematic is on sale for 40% off through this link. Or, you can purchase both here for $40 (50% off). A sample of this book is located here.


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