First, for all the procrastinators on the West Coast who are all of a sudden scrambling to get tickets to the debate this Sunday evening at Biola with Shabir Ally: I put this link up earlier, but not everyone has figured out the deep things of computer searching, so, here it is again: click here to get details and tickets. While I look forward to meeting many of you, please remember that I can’t meet a thousand folks in one night, either. Your presence and prayers are greatly appreciated.
   Secondly, beginning, as I recall, sometime last year, a gentleman who denies the deity of Christ by the name of Patrick Navas began writing to me. He sent me a huge velo-bound “print-out book” similar to ones I’ve received over the years by “experts” on every topic under the sun. I saw very little new as I thumbed through the book, but the main reason I could only chuckle and set the work aside was that he was very intent, in his e-mails and letters, to make sure I knew he had taken me to task on 1 Corinthians 15:28. The problem is, I have not written almost anything on 1 Corinthians 15:28. His entire “response” is based upon…a phone call on The Dividing Line! As far as I can tell from looking at another article that arrived today, he doesn’t even bother to give the date of the program. So, an off-the-cuff response to a caller on a program is his sole grounds for writing pages and pages of “rebuttal.” I’m sorry, but it is very, very hard to take such folks seriously especially when they in essence are begging you to take notice of them. He has been sending his little missives to a group of folks (and he likes to make sure you know he has done so). When you’ve published an entire book on the Trinity and someone like this has to focus upon a phone call on an unidentified Dividing Line, you know someone has missed the boat.

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