I am one of those folks who really likes predictability. I like a routine. Same ol’ same ol. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Make do and be thankful. That kind of thing.
But sometimes, things have to change. We have been operating this entire ministry out of very, very, very small quarters for quite some time. And we’ve made it work. Of course, with a huge staff like ours (= two people, myself and Rich) you can work in smaller quarters. Of course, there isn’t a square inch left in my office…books stacked on top of books, every bit of space being used. In any case, we’ve made the decision that we need to move to a more suitable, and functional, location, for a number of good reasons. And the Lord has opened up a wonderful opportunity and location as well, perfectly suited for our needs. No, I’m not going to divulge the location (I’ve been discussing the Qur’an a lot lately!), but it isn’t overly far from where we currently are.
In any case, we hope to be moving toward the end of January/early February. Oh yes, we will need some strong backs. My library will be a bit of a…workout. But, of course, as anyone knows, when you move an entire ministry operation, there are associated “extra-budgetal” costs. Especially since we do the Dividing Line from the office, there will be costs associated with getting proper Internet connections put together, let alone getting all the computers set up, printers, being able to continue to burn CD’s and DVD’s and fill orders, etc. And, of course, with the debate and travel schedule I have starting in February through May, we have to make this move as smooth as possible, meaning we can’t rely upon Rich “ToolMan” Pierce to be building things on the fly (as he has often done in the past). We might actually have to buy shelves, for example (gasp!).
Now as I explain on about a semi-annual basis, this ministry is actually just like all those you hear about who have “matching grants” and do cold calling and all that stuff—well, we don’t get matching grants or do cold-calling or have telethons and stuff, but like everyone else, we pay our bills and keep the lights on through the support of a very small number of churches (three regular supporting churches, and a couple that have me speak so often I sort of consider that the same thing) and everything else comes from the support of God’s people. We don’t do the “guilt trip fund raising routine” (“If you don’t give, we will have to go off the air!”) or all that—if I ever had to get to that point I’d go into another line of work. But that’s how we make ends meet.
Now, I’ve noticed over the two decades of A&O’s existence that we just don’t seem to appeal much to rich folks. The vast majority of our supporters are not looking to make large contributions before the end of the year, that’s for sure. Yeah, a couple of times over the years someone has given a larger than normal donation in December, but it’s pretty rare. If anything, end of the year is harder because our folks are trying to stuff a stocking or two. But anyway, here’s our little appeal. If you like the Dividing Line, the blog, the debates, the conferences and the like, and feel the work is worthy of your support, and maybe a little added support in light of the upcoming move, well, we will do our best to utilize anything given to God’s glory. No matching grants, no cold-calling, and my wife promises not to appear on your TV talking a million miles per hour. We promise.

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