Greetings from the Denver airport. OK, while I’ve been traveling today someone sent in a link to Dr. Caner’s debates. Well, sorta. Here’s the link. It is a total of eight “interviews.” One with “Mormons,” two with a female Christian scientist, two with a Bahai representative, two with Mel White (homosexual), and one with a representative of Eastern Orthodoxy.

Is that really it? Surely there has to be more than that! I mean, it’s great to “interview” folks, but…when did an “interview” become “He has debated leaders in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Bahai, Taoism, and many cult leaders in forty states and eleven countries”? Forgive my leaden literality, but, if you speak of “forty states and eleven countries,” wouldn’t that necessitate at least…54 debates? What does it mean to use language in this fashion? And if an interview is a debate, then, are reporters debaters?

This just can’t be all there is. Words have meanings. I happen to know what a debate is. I have engaged in them all over the US. I’ve done a few in England, and a few in Australia. But you see, when I say I’ve done these debates, well, I provide a list (here), and you can listen to almost all of them. Watch a large number of them, too.

So I’m just going to have to ask Ergun Caner directly via Twitter: where are all these debates from forty states and eleven countries? What are the names of these leaders in Islam you have debated? How can the rest of us learn from your debates if we can’t find them? Inquiring minds want to know.

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