While we continue the massive effort to update our website there are some new web practices that didn’t exist, (well, if they did we didn’t have them), when we setup the original blog and store. Now search engines look for things like ‘tags’ and ‘metadata’ in order to identify things in a search. So, I am asking for some volunteer help with the store. If you have read, viewed or listened to any of the products in our store I am asking you to take a few moments and come back and ‘tag’ and maybe even ‘review’ those items on our behalf. You can do that by going back to the store and find the item that you have in mind. Under the title you will find a place to ‘Add Your Review’ and at the bottom of that page you will find a place to ‘tag’ that item. The review of an item seems pretty easy to figure out but the ‘tag’ tends to confuse people as to what is being asked for. A tag should be one or two words that topically describes things that are addressed in that item. For instance, the book Scripture Alone has the tag ‘sola scriptura’ on it. When someone new comes to the website and searches “Sola Scriptura” the search engine finds that tag and retrieves that item to a prominent place in the search. By ‘tagging’ items for us you are, in a way, training our search engine to give better results. At the same time by providing your review of the item you will help the person who does that search better understand if that item is what they are looking for and how valuable it is for their need. So if you would, take a few moments and give us some feedback that will immediately help our new visitors get more value out of the resources that we provide.


P.S. Just in case we have a ‘few’ troublemakers out there who might think that this is the time to take advantage and work their mischief. They should keep in mind that reviews and tags have to be approved by me. If, as one KJV Only fellow did this last weekend, they think that this is their opportunity to ‘poison the well’ they should think again. I am looking for thoughtful and accurate information from people who are actually familiar with the work. 🙂

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