Ahmed Deedat normally chose his opponents carefully so as to avoid serious challenges to his story-telling form of apologetics. But he did not count on Josh McDowell’s presentation in their debate in South Africa. One of the few times where Deedat’s story telling fell apart, and at the end, he can do little more than blaspheme.

McDowell’s response late in the debate quoting Jesus’ words from Revelation, “I was dead, and am alive evermore” is classic. But Deedat’s disciple, Zakir Naik, continues to repeat the same lie to this day. It is a shame that Deedat continues to deceive years after his death.

Don’t forget that tomorrow afternoon we will launch into two new series on the DL, one, a review and response to the Bart Ehrman/Dan Wallace debate from 10/1/2011, and the second a review and refutation of comments made by Diaa Mohamed in a debate in Australia a few weeks ago. I hope these will be useful to folks.

If you enjoy the Dividing Line and the format of reviewing debates, engaging in front-line apologetics, going in-depth in response to critics near and far, and would like to help the work continue, three things: 1) pray for Rich and I, and our volunteers, as we seek to pursue the ministry with integrity and to His glory; 2) consider regular support, as this is the foundation upon which all our debates and trips and activities is based; and 3) remember that the Ministry Resource List represents items that are often right at the forefront of the studying and research I am doing. I just put a few items on the list, one of which is an electronic item I use at least four, sometimes six times a week, absolutely central to getting through all the podcasts, lectures, debates, and books I plow through on a regular basis. Folks who help with that resource list are a tremendous encouragement, especially at this time of year!


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