The day before Thanksgiving, a truly unique and Christian holiday (want to guess how long it will be till some group files suit against its celebration—at least publicly?). For Christians who know the One to whom thanks is due, a wonderful time.

Just a few miscellaneous items today. Please pray for my encounter Friday evening with Patrick Navas, “Biblical unitarian,” i.e., anti-Trinitarian, on the podcast of Chris Date. We will, of course, post a link when the program is made available. We will be limiting the discussion to five specific texts/subjects (no, the number has nothing to do with the Five Points), so we should safely avoid the ever present problem of “really surface level discussions that waste everyone’s time.”

I will continue my series in Hebrews Sunday, November 27th at the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church.

Headed to St. Louis for the eleventh consecutive year the following weekend, this time to address the KJV Only movement, the canon, etc. Looking forward to seeing old friends! After ten years speaking at the same place on the same weekend, you become an official elder of that church, too, so I will have some things to say about certain members there! 🙂

The fall-out from the Geisler/Licona controversy continues to echo across the blogosphere. Here is Geisler’s response to Mike Licona’s paper, which you can listen to here. I do find it humorous that Licona started out his paper by quoting Geisler chiding me (though, that quote has now been removed from the third edition of Geisler’s CBF). Accusations of bullying and strong-arming have appeared, and believe me, given the behavior of the Geisler/Veritas group in response to Geisler’s taking the lead in covering up for Caner, I know which side I believe on that topic (even though I would be much more on Geisler’s side of this theological issue relating to Licona’s view of Matt. 27).

As “that season” approaches, please remember that our store here at really helps us to keep the ministry rolling, the Dividing Line webcasting, the debates being scheduled, etc. Some of the greatest things you can give to an apologetically minded believer, or for your elders, can be found in our webstore, and when you get it from us, you keep the ministry flourishing as well. For example, we have in stock the great new resource from Greg Nichols on the covenants, and this leather-bound diglot remains one of the best items you can provide to an elder or teacher.

A few years ago I began The Ministry Resource List, and it continues to be a huge source of encouragement to me. I really wish to thank those who regularly check the list and help out as they can. Few things pick up my spirits and exhort me to press on than when someone steps up to assist in that fashion. Along with those who regularly support the work (without whom we would not be here) those who “stand in the gap” and meet needs as they arise are a great blessing.

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