This morning I was on David Wheaton’s Christian Worldview program discussing the Ehrman debate and related issues. I sounded like Barry White instead of James White, but hopefully it was helpful.
   I just finished the galley proofs of the 2nd edition of The King James Only Controversy. That means we should be seeing the new editions of both that book and The Potter’s Freedom real soon. I’m excited about these new editions!
   I will be joined by Joel McDurmon on Tuesday on The Dividing Line. Mr. McDurmon wrote a front page article for the American Vision website asserting that the Ehrman debate demonstrated the “limits of evidentialist apologetics,” and that my observation of the consistency of liberals in not even bothering to find out what their conservative opponents actually believe was actually a “plea for pity”! Hopefully the discussion will clarify a number of issues. I will also be writing two feature articles responding to McDurmon’s article as well.

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