Can you tell what is missing from this picture? Probably not. What is missing is my tablet PC. Yeah, the one I used in the Shabir Ally debate. Same one I used in preaching at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London. Same one I used when speaking to the Grace Life men’s meeting a few weeks ago in LA. It’s gone. Stolen last night. Thieves are smart enough to get in, but the IQ seems to slip a bit once they accomplish that. You will note that the power cable is sitting there. Yeah, they tried to get it, but my wacky wiring system defied them. And see the two batteries there? Yeah, they have the tablet, but they have one battery and no power supply. They didn’t even take the 100gig external drive sitting next to it. We theorize that the infrared sensors, which should have had uber-loud alarms going off (yeah, yeah, they are fixed now) scared them off, but they managed to grab the tablet in the process. Yes, we are now fixing all the problems that allowed them to get in, but isn’t that the way of things? The police officer who came by said he thinks they will be back since they had such an easy time getting in. Please pray once again for our safety. As to the tablet, well, we can only hope that before that battery dies they look at a few PowerPoint presentations on the gospel or something. I honestly do not know what I will do now with three major debates heading my way. It was great to have, but if I have to go back to the old ways, well, that’s how it will be.

   Oh, ouch. I had plugged my Palm T5 in to charge last night. It’s gone, too. Tablet and my T5, history. Double-whammy.

Update Again
   Oh good grief. My iPod is gone, too. I didn’t even think to look. They even disconnected the cable just to be able to use it. Entire music library went with it. Ah, a banner day!

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