There are a few of them…they are just hard to find. Poor Episcopalians who stand in the tradition of Bishop Ryle are in the small minority today. In the wide realm of Episcopalianism, the wackier, the better. You have seen my encounter with Spong, and any person with biblical insight cannot help but sit back and shake their heads. But I don’t think I’ve seen anything as wild as this.
   Today I was pointed to the June, 2007 issue of the Episcopal Voice. It contains an interview with “the Rev. Dr. Ann Holmes Redding.” The title? “On being Christian and Muslim.” Yes, that’s the title. Look for yourself. This woman, who likewise holds a Ph.D. in New Testament (!!!), claims to be a Christian…and a Muslim. Both.

   A little more than a year ago, the Rev. Dr. Ann Holmes Redding found herself at the doorway of a new world, Islam, and wasnt quite sure how she got there. As she reflected on her journey, she realized Jesus was her guide. Now both a practicing Muslim and an Episcopal priest, Redding shares her thoughts on how the two faiths inform each other.
   “The way I understand Jesus is compatible with Islam,” Redding explains, “and although there are Christians and Muslims who think I must convert from one to the other, the more I go down this path the more excited I am about both Christianity and Islam.”

   I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, this is so completely absurd. But where else could something like this appear but in an Episcopalian publication? Amazing, just amazing.

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