Two tremendous opportunities have opened up for ministry in just a few months. But we need your help.

First, we have gotten a positive response from Christopher Hitchens for a debate on Long Island in August. We are hoping it will be around the time of the John 10:16 Conference, however, it might have to be late August instead. I suggested we debate the title of a chapter from his book, God is not Great, hence, “Is the New Testament Evil?” Hitchens has done dozens and dozens of debates on various issues revolving around bare atheism. I think a debate dealing with his assertions concerning the Christian Scriptures would be a new thing for him, and a needful topic for those of us who have heard many of his previous debates.

Within just a few minutes of my hearing about the Hitchens debate, David Wood contacted me about an opportunity to defend the veracity of the New Testament against a Shia Imam in Dearborn in June, along with an opportunity to join him on the Arabic Broadcasting Network at the same time to do some programs on Islam, as well as preach in a church there in the area.

So, two tremendous opportunities–and our travel fund is exhausted. Busted. Gone. So if you would like to help make these opportunities a reality, please join with us. I already have debates lined up in September and October (two of which are with Roman Catholic apologist Robert Sungenis), and I will be training pastors in Peru in November on Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Roman Catholicism, so I am definitely keeping things busy! But these two new opportunities are very exciting, and we need the help of God’s people to make them happen.

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