I just noted that the question of Mormonism is going to be addressed on “Faith Under Fire” this evening on PAX. But then when I saw who was going to be on, I just groaned. The LDS side will be represented by Robert Millet from BYU, and the Christian side by Greg Johnson. Those familiar with the situation in Utah know that both are deeply involved in the recent happenings in Salt Lake City (key players in setting it up) and Johnson was one of the non-Mormon speakers whose comments raised a lot of questions about the wisdom of the entire event and those involved with it (see the discussion of Mouw’s denunciation of evangelical ministries below). Another opportunity for a clear, open, well documented discussion gone by the boards, replaced with a mushy presentation that can only cause confusion. Thankfully, they won’t have much time to create a lot of confusion given everything else that will be covered (including an appearance by Shabir Ally, a Muslim apologist, on the subject of the deity of Christ—there’s one I’ll be watching!).

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